H3X tests its 12 kW/kg HPDM-250 Integrated Motor Drive

United States, March 9, 2022 —H3X Technologies is developing ultra-high power density integrated motor drives that are 3x lighter than state-of-the-art. Our continuous power density target of 12 kW/kg represents the maximum continuous output power divided by the entire mass of the unit, including the gearbox. We have been rigorously testing our HPDM-250 prototypes and are excited to share some early results.

H3X team thermal testing SN2 on bench

This past month, we tested SN2 to the maximum capability of our bench testing equipment, which corresponds to 70% rated phase current. We are pleased to report that the motor and inverter components were all well within their thermal limits, with measured temperatures aligning well with predictions from our thermal models. This initial result places our technology at ~8 kW/kg equivalent, which is 2x higher specific power than the best currently available commercial solutions, and we are well on our way to the 3x improvement that is our namesake.

We are in the process of commissioning our own in-house dynamometer with state-of-the-art HBK data acquisition, which we will use for full system-level testing and characterization. Once this is up and running, we are confident that we will be able to push the HPDM-250 to maximum power based on the thermals testing we have done so far. This dyno testing will happen over the next few months. Once the full performance characterization is complete, we will begin environmental testing, fault handling, and reliability testing. Stay tuned!

H3X Dyno Close-up
H3X Dyno Overview



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