H3X Unveils HPDM-3000 Concept Prototype

SEATTLE, October 10, 2022 — We unveiled our HPDM-3000 concept prototype this past week at the Interferry Conference in Seattle, Washington. This is a full-scale concept prototype that we built to capture the imagination of the marine and aviation industry and show them what is possible with H3X scalable and advanced core technology.

Interferry is a major conference for the marine industry to come together and collaborate on how to solve the industry’s most pressing problems. This year, the main topic was decarbonization. There were many learnings, but one of the key takeaways for us is that the ferry industry really needs what we’re building. We learned that even though the power density of the “high-tech” HPDM-3000 is substantially better (10x-100x) than current marine motor/drive solutions (decades-old), it is actually quite cost-competitive due to its diminutive size and lower raw material costs.

The HPDM-3000 is an ultra-high power density MW-class Integrated Modular Motor Drive (IMMD) for primary propulsor applications on large electric aircraft and ships. Based on the same core technology as the H3X HPDM-250, this EPU has a continuous specific power of >12 kW/kg and features the highest level of fault tolerance and reliability with its 12 independent drive sectors.

We are targeting to have HPDM-3000 prototypes available for initial testing in Q1 2024. H3X is seeking customers in the marine and aviation space to partner with to develop this unit.



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